Welspun India Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2030


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Welspun India Share Price Target (2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030), Share Price Target, Share Price Target of Welspun India

Do you want to know the share price prediction of Welspun India And want the details analysis of this stock? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we are going to discuss About Welspun India stock, in which we will analyze this stock and will try to predict its price.

Due to the fall in the market, there has been a huge decline in these stocks. And this share is available at very cheap prices. In such a way, investors are speculating whether this stock should be sold or should be kept. Or should the buy more of these stocks? Therefore, in today’s article, we will do a detailed analysis of this stock so that you can decide for yourself whether you should buy this stock or not. Also we will know Welspun India Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2030.

So friends, read this article completely so that there is no doubt in your mind. And because this share price target is predicted by expert by doing technical and fundamental analysis.

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Welspun India Ltd

Welspun India Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2030

Welspun India Ltd company was established in 1985 in 17 January. This company is engaged in the business and manufacturing of textile goods. The company has products such as Towels, Bath rugs and mats, Bath robes, Bed sheets, Fashion bedding, Utility beding, Flooring solutions, Carpets etc . Currently, The company has distribution in more than 50 countries, including Canada, Australia, UK and USA.

Welspun India is a small cap company with the market capitalisation of around 7,700 crore. This Company Owns the Most Prestigious Brands of the UK named “Christy”, which are popular for making towels. In addition, this company owns Kingsley Home, Spun, Spaces, Welhome, Scott Living and many others brands.

Welspun India Financial Trends

If we talk about the Revenue and Profit of Welspun India company then –

Welspun India Financial Trends

Its revenue in 2019 has been ₹ 6,527 Cr and profit is ₹ 210 Cr. There was a revenue of ₹ 6,741 Cr in 2020 and a profit of ₹ 507 Cr. In the same 2021, there was a profit of ₹ 540 crore with a revenue of ₹ 7,340 Cr. And this year i.e. in 2022 there has been a higest profit of ₹ 501 Cr with a revenue of ₹ 9,311 Cr.

Welspun India Ltd Fundamentals

Mkt Cap.6,753 crore
P/E Ratio 53.68
Debt84 crore approx
Debt To Equity 0.80
Book Value 39.61
As of October 2022

Welspun India Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2030

Target YearMinimum Price Maximum Price
Welspun India Share Price Target 2023120140
Welspun India Share Price Target 2024160180
Welspun India Share Price Target 2025210240
Welspun India Share Price Target 2026300320
Welspun India Share Price Target 2027360380
Welspun India Share Price Target 2028440460
Welspun India Share Price Target 2029505520
Welspun India Share Price Target 2030610620
Predicted data

Welspun India Share Price Target 2023

After doing a lot of fundamentals and technical research, the first target that is coming out is mentioned below.

Because the net worth of this company is increasing every year. So its share price will increase in future also and investors can make huge profits. Keeping this in mind, Welspun India share price target 2023 may be 120 INR and if it crosses this target then the second target is coming out of 140 INR.

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Welspun India Share Price Target 2025

This company may see a slight decline in 2025. So friends, textile industries will definitely see growth in the future. And this company too, updating itself. New products are being made, due to which its revenue is also increasing.

If you look at the company’s home textile segment, this company has patents for more than 30 products. And because of this the company is expanding its business. Coming to the point, Welspun India Share Price Target 2025 may be 210 INR and after crossing this the target may be 240 INR.

Welspun India Share Price Target 2030

If we talk about the share price target 2030 of this company. With the increasing days, the company is bringing new innovations and technology. By using more technology, this company is expanding its business very fast.

So keeping this in mind, if we take out the conclusions, then Welspun India share price target 2030 can be seen as 610 INR . And if we break this target then we can get to see the second target of 620 INR.

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So friends, if you are investing in shares only after seeing the share price target, then do not do this. Because there are many reasons behind the rise and fall of the share price.

I hope you enjoy knowing the Welspun India Share Price Target. If you want any more information then you can ask by commenting. We will try our best to reply to you.


Who is the Chairman of Welspun India Company?

Balkrishan Goenka is the chair of this company.

Is Welspun India a debt free company?

No, this company has a debt of 84 crore approx.

Where is the head office of Welspun India?


What will be the share price of Welspun India in 2025?

After doing lots of analysis about this stocks. share price of Welspun India in 2025 can be around 210-240 rupees.

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DISCLAIMER – Stock Market Investment are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.


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