This Penny Stock Skyrockets, Turns Rs. 1 Lakh into Rs. 35 Lakhs in 6 Months


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It is very difficult to double your money in 6 months, while this stock made its investors’ money 35 times. That is, if you invest 1 lakh in this stock, then it would have become 35 lakhs now.

Multibagger Penny Stocks – I myself do not prefer to invest in penny stocks, but due to some market movements, I invest a small amount, that doesn’t matter if I lose. Today we are talking about a share that has given strong returns to its investors in just 6 months. Pulsar International shares have been consistently hitting the upper circuit in the past few trading sessions. On Friday, there was a 5% surge in this share and it closed at Rs. 84.91.

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Pulsar International Share History

Rs. 4 Penny Stock Skyrockets, Turns Rs. 1 Lakh into Rs. 35 Lakhs in 6 Months!
Rs. 4 Penny Stock Skyrockets, Turns Rs. 1 Lakh into Rs. 35 Lakhs in 6 Months!

In the past 5 days, Pulsar International’s share has given a profit of more than 21.53%. Meanwhile, in the last month, Pulsar International’s share has given a return of up to 152%. In just a month, this share has risen from Rs. 33 to Rs. 84.

Talking about the past 6 months, it has given a massive return of 3400%. During this time, the share has risen from Rs. 2.38 to Rs. 84.91. Meanwhile, this share has given a whopping return of 7,986% in the 2019 year. During this time, it has risen from Rs. 1.05 to Rs. 84.91.

Do you want a list of Multibagger Penny Stocks? If yes, than you can check this – Multibagger Penny Stocks for 2025.

What is the reason for Pulsar International Share Price Rise?

It is a bit difficult to tell why its share price is continuously showing upper circuit. It is possible that the price of the stock is being manipulated by the operators of the company. But taking any decision about the investment in Pulsar International, would not be right now. My strong recommendation would be to stay away from this stock, but if you still want to invest your money in it, then invest as much as you are ready to lose.

Disclaimer: While these dividend yields are attractive, investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. It is essential to evaluate a company’s financial health, growth prospects, and dividend sustainability before investing.

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