Will Ford Stock Reach $100? Ford Motor Stock Forecast


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Will Ford Stock Reach $100?: Ford Motor, Which is the oldest car manufacturing company, has showing very little movement in the stock price now a days.

The stock made a high of $35.02 on April 30, 1999, after which it declined heavily after the April 2000 Dot-com Bubble market crash.

Almost more than 80% of Ford’s stock fell, which reached from $35 to $6 in March 2003. Talking about its current share price, Ford Motor is trading around $14. After which a arises on investors’ mind that Will Ford Stock Reach $100?

Before providing an informed response to the question, it is essential to first gain a thorough understanding of the historical performance of Ford Motors Stock and the recent events that have influenced its trajectory.

Factors Influencing Ford Stock Price

Will Ford Stock Reach $100? Ford Motor Stock Forecast

Ford Motors has given returns of more than 8.50% in the last one year. The reason behind this growth is attributed to its quarterly financial reports showing good profits. The company had a profit of 1289 million in the quarter of February 2023, while the profit of 1757 million was made in the May quarter.

Ford has recently inaugurated the Cologne Electric Vehicle Center in Germany, marking a significant milestone after a substantial investment of $2 billion. After this, there has been a stir in the market, due to which we have seen an increase of more than 8% in the Ford Motor Stock Price.

Ford was heavily focusing on its electrification strategy, with plans to launch several new electricity vehicle (EV) models. They aimed to expand their EV lineup and invest in battery technology to cater to the growing demand for electric vehicles worldwide.

Ford Motors is currently working on these big projects, the result of which can be very good. But there are many big companies like Tesla, NIO and many more in the market which are competitors of Ford Motors. This company is also performing well in its segment, due to which it can be very challenging for Ford.

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Analyst Predictions and Recommendations on Will Ford Stock Reach $100?

If we see the sales of Ford Motors, it is not able to generate that much good sales. Due to this, analysts have been doubting that this stock can hardly see any growth.

And whether Ford will be able to reach $100 or not, the answer is yes. But it can take a long time for the company. Looking at the technical chart of Ford Motor, it is being estimated that this year the stock may see a fall of 4% while It can hit the target of $100 by 2045.

Experts are recommending to stay away from this stock due to poor financials of the company. Because it is giving signal of loss more than multiplying the money.

For for details of Analyst Prediction on Ford Stock, Watch this video –

Risks and Challenges on How will Ford Reach $100?

The financial of the company is not that good as it is going to lose a lot in 2023. Due to the increasing competition, it is becoming a bit difficult for Ford to make a place in the market.

Ford Motor has a huge debt due to which very little uptrend is seen in its stock. The company has a debt of $214.60B and its debt to equity ratio is 3.28 which is considered very bad.

If Ford does not reduce its debt, then it will not be right for long term investment, which is the most challenging way for it.

Historical Performance and Ford Stock Price Trends

The company has given returns of more than 40% in the last 5 years, That means 8% returns have been given every year. While from 1983 to 2023, the stock has given a returns of more than 500%, that is 12.5% per year.

By looking at the historical trends, we can estimate that it will take 21 years for Ford Motor to reach $100. That is, If the company gives an average return of 10%, it will take 21 years for Ford Motor to reach $100.

Will Ford Reach $100?

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Ford Stock Forecast Table

YearHighest PriceAverage PriceLowest Price
Ford Stock Forecast 2023$15.68$15.40$14.28
Ford Stock Forecast 2024$17.56$16.94$14.57
Ford Stock Forecast 2025$19.67$18.63$14.86
Ford Stock Forecast 2026$22.03$20.50$15.15
Ford Stock Forecast 2027$24.67$22.55$15.46
Ford Stock Forecast 2028$27.63$24.80$15.77
Ford Stock Forecast 2029$30.95$27.28$16.08
Ford Stock Forecast 2030$34.66$30.01$16.40
Ford Stock Forecast 2031$38.82$33.01$16.73
Ford Stock Forecast 2032$43.48$36.31$17.07
Ford Stock Forecast 2033$48.70$39.94$17.41
Ford Stock Forecast 2034$54.54$43.94$17.76
Ford Stock Forecast 2035$61.09$48.33 $18.11
Ford Stock Forecast 2036$68.42$53.16$18.47
Ford Stock Forecast 2037$76.63$58.48$18.84
Ford Stock Forecast 2038$85.83$64.33$19.22
Ford Stock Forecast 2039$96.12$70.76$19.60
Ford Stock Forecast 2040$107.66$77.84$20.00
Ford Stock Forecast 2041$118.42$85.62$20.40
Ford Stock Forecast 2042$132.63$94.18$20.80
Ford Stock Forecast 2043$148.54$103.60$21.22
Predicted in view of Historical Data
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From the above analysis on “Will Ford Reach $100?“, We can conclude tha it can take upto 20 years to 22 years to reach $100. Experts are predicting that there may be some volatility in the future, but if the market conditions are right, Ford will easily reach $100 by 21 years.

Well, currently Ford Motor Stock will not considered a good investment due to bad financials, but in future we can think about it.

Thats all in this post, I hope you have got your answer. If you have any doubt or questions in your mind, you can ask via commenting. So, hope you are doing well, meet you in the another top-notched post until the time keep learning and sharing the content.


What will Ford stock be worth in 2025?

After 5 years, Ford stock can be seen trading around $18 -$20. According to machine learning, the stock nearly will give almost decent returns by 2025.

Ford Stock Forecast 2030?

By 2030, Ford Motors stock will almost double your money. According to machine learning, it shows that Ford Stock Forecast 2030 will be trade between $27 – $30.

Should I buy Ford stock today?

If the Ford’s stock Financial and Fundamentals sounds to be good than yes, you can buy Ford stock today.

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DISCLAIMER – Stock Market Investment are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing


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