[2023] Vested vs INDmoney: Which is Better App to Invest in U.S. Stocks?


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Vested vs Indmoney (Reviews, features, comparison, Charges), Vested vs Indmoney charges, Features of Vested, Features of Indmoney

Are you confused which one is the best between IndMoney and Vested to invest in U.S. market. Then don’t worry because in this article we will do detailed comparison between Vested vs Indmoney.

In this comparison, we will be looking at two popular apps, Vested and Indmoney. We will be examining their features, user interface, and overall performance to help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs. Both apps have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and we will highlight those in this comparison to give you a better understanding of what each app has to offer. Overall, the goal of this comparison is to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision about which app to use. After checking our detailed comparison, You will find the suitable application for you to invest in the U.S. stock market.

There are many applications available here, but it is a bit difficult to fund the best app for investing. Out of these two names come out of IndMoney and Vested which provides you a very good platform to invest. So now it comes to which is the best among them in which you can invest and in future we may not even face any problem. So let talk about it, Which one is better Vested or Indmoney?

In short, Vested vs INDmoney, both these apps are best in their own by which you can invest in U.S. market. Both are quite reliable to use so that the users do not face much trouble. The difference comes in respect of some services, its features are also slightly different and there can be a slight difference in charges as well, which we will now understand in detail.

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Vested vs Indmoney

Vested vs Indmoney

If you want to earn money from money then investing could be the best option for you. Due to this, today’s youth are getting good returns by investing in the market. At the same time, some people are earning more profits by investing in the foreign market. If we compare the domestic market and the foreign market, then the foreign market has given a slight more return than the domestic market. (Vested vs INDmoney)

In such a situation, many platforms are coming out which give us the facility of foreign investment. Two of these popular names are also of Indmoney and Vested.

Both the apps are used for foreign stock investment. In which you can buy shares in fraction. The work of both the apps is same but the features of the app are different, which makes these platforms different from each other.

It may be that the facility you need is not in both these platforms but in any one platform. So we will discuss about these things and we will try to conclude which app is better (Vested vs Indmoney) for you for foreign investment.

Again, please read this article completely so that you can find the better one for you. So Let us now look at the features of each platform with detailed analysis and data.

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Features of Indmoney

As we know, with the help of this platform, we can do foreign investment. So whenever we buy stocks of foreign company, we can buy shares in fraction i.e. parts. With the help of Indmoney app we can do US Stocks investing, Deposits, Financial life tracking & management and Neo Banking. Along with this, some others features are explained below –

Commission – If you invest for long term then you will not have to pay any commission. That is, INDmoney does not charge us even a single rupee, which is very good for beginners. This is a great feature of this app.

Investment options – With the help of this platform, you can buy and sell all the stocks listed in US share market. That means you get multiple investment options in Indmoney app. Along with this, you can also buy and sell US market’s ETF.

Freebies – You will get free stock up to Rs.1000 on opening an IndMoney account successfully. Along with this, even if you refer this app to someone else, you will still get some goodies which depends on the offers of INDmoney.

Charges – In this application you have to pay very less charges, which are explained below –

  1. Account opening charges – The best thing I like about this platform is that account opening is free in Indmoney. We do not have to pay any charges to open an account in this.
  2. Annual maintenance charges – No Charge
  3. Zero inactivity fees – No inactivity fees
  4. Deposit & Withdrawal fees – IndMoney may not charge you for depositing money but you are charged for withdrawal of money If you do withdrawal up to $2000, then you will have to pay $5 as charges. If you do withdrawal of more than $2000, then no charge will be taken from you.

Documentation and support – Some documents are required to open an account in Indmoney. And if you face any problem while opening the account, then by contacting their service center, you can get the solution of your problem instantly. Indmoney’s services are comparatively better than other platforms.

Plans and Pricing – If we talk about the plans of Indmoney, then you will get to see 4 premium plans which are as follows.

  1. IND Gold – ₹399 monthly for investment up to ₹50 lakhs.
  2. IND Gold+ – ₹999 monthly for investment up to ₹1.5 crores.
  3. IND Platinum – ₹2999 monthly for investment up to ₹3 crores.
  4. IND Platinum+ – ₹5999 monthly for investment up to ₹5 crores.

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Features of Vested

• Commission – No commission charged by vested on buying and selling of a stock.

• Investment options – There are more than 1500 total US stocks in which you can trade. Along with this, there are many ETF here from which you can buy and sell. Due to which you get multiple investment option from which you can diversify your portfolio.

• Freebies – In terms of freebies, you get 1000 vested points when you add funds to your wallet for the first time after opening your account.

• Charges – The details of charges charged by the vested are mentioned below –

  1. Account opening charges – There is no account opening charges in Vested app. Account opening is totally free and you can open account easily without facing any problems. Because the UI is very simple and easily understandable.
  2. Annual maintenance charges – Currently, Vested is not charging a single rupee as Annual maintenance charges.
  3. Zero inactivity fees – No Money is charged as inactivity fees in Vested. This is very good features of this app for beginners, who want to explore and learn about investing. This could be the best option for them.
  4. Deposit & Withdrawal fees – There is no fee for depositing money but at the time of withdrawal you have to pay $11 for a withdrawal charge. Withdrawal charge is fixed in the Vested investing platform.

Documentation and support – Again, Some documents are required to open an account in Vested. And the support is also good but not like Indmoney. If we talk about customer support, then Indmoney’s customer support is good as compared to Vested. But it is not that the customer support of a vested is not good at all. Along with this, many other features are available in vested which are not available in Indmoney such as Reccuring Investments option.

Recurring Investments – This application may also have a feature that you can choose the stock you want to invest and set it to invest automatically, Due to which money will be invested every week or month from your wallet. In the same way, you can also SIP Mutual Fund or in ETF.

Plans & Pricing – Vested plan is completely free right now.

Vested vs Indmoney charges

ChargesINDmoney Vested
Account openingNo charge No charge
Buying U.S. Stocks and ETFsNo charge No charge
Deposit No charge No charge
Withdrawal No charge on withdrawal above $2000$11 every withdrawal charge
Inactivity FeesNo charge No charge
Brokerage/Commission No charge No charge

Depth Comparison between Vested vs Indmoney

If you can’t figure out which is the best between Vested vs INDmoney. Then let’s do in depth comparison between Vested vs Indmoney.

Fractional shares

With the help of Indmoney you can buy shares in fraction, it means you can buy Shares in parts. Let’s understand it with an example – Suppose, There is a stock whose price is $100 then you can also buy the same share for $10 but you will get 1/10 part of the share.

This feature is also offer by the Vested. So, in this point both the app are better.

User Interface (UI)

User Interface of both this app is good and easy to understandable. Dashboards is so simple to understand Due to which beginners will not have any problem.

Recurring Deposit

Vested offers recurring deposits aur investment system.This means that you will be able to specify an amount to invest automatically via Vested on a weekly or monthly basis. Just like you would make a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with mutual funds or recurring deposits.

But some such features are not in Indmoney.


Granting read permissions to emails can be a trivial matter and needs careful consideration.

However, there is no such requirement of vesting as it is only available in the U.S. Focuses on stock trading.

But INDmoney is a money management, tracking and investment app, it requires a lot of permissions – some as high a risk as accessing your personal Gmail account. But on the other hand Indmoney is a trusted app and used by millions of people.

Vested and INDmoney have partnered with DriveWealth, a regulated U.S. financial body. Both platforms are therefore safe for investment purposes.

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If you want to invest in U.S. share market with the help of these two apps (Vested vs INDmoney) then I hope you have got the best app among Vested vs INDmoney. According to your convenience, which platform is better for you, you can tell by commenting.

So see you with another interesting blog in wasteorinvest.com. If you have any doubts or questions, then you must comment, we will try our best to answer.


Is INDmoney SEBI approved?

Yes, Indmoney is SEBI approved, registration no. INA100012190.

Is Vested SEBI approved?

Yes, Vested is also registered as an investment advisor under SEBI.

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