Ted Turner Net Worth: How Rich is the TNT, TBS, CNN, Founder?


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Ted Turner Net Worth, Biography, Date of Birth, Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Personal Life, Professional Life, and Wiki

If you’re curious to find out who started the first-ever 24-hour cable news network (CNN), you’re in the right place. We all tune in to television news for daily updates and to stay informed about what’s happening in our country and nearby areas.

CNN, short for the Cable News Network, is a global news channel and website based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. CNN changed the way news is delivered by being the first 24-hour all-news television channel. CNN’s continuous 24/7 news format, combined with its emphasis on live coverage and breaking news, shook up the conventional news cycle and engaged audiences globally.

Continue reading this article to learn more about Ted Turner, the person who founded CNN, and explore details about Ted Turner’s net worth.

Ted Turner

Ted Turner was born on 19 November 1938 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. His real name is Robert Edward Turner III but widely known as Ted Turner. He attended The McCallie School, a private boys’ preparatory school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Later, he attended Brown University, where he was the vice president of the Brown Debating Union and the captain of the sailing team. Turner was also a member of Kappa Sigma. While initially majoring in classics, his interests and pursuits diversified over time.

Later, Turner switched his major to economics, but before completing his degree, he got expelled for having a female student in his dormitory room. In November 1989, Turner was presented with an honorary B.A. from Brown University when he returned to campus to deliver the keynote address for the National Association of College Broadcasters’ second annual conference.

Ted Turner established CNN on 01 June 1980, positioning it as a trailblazer in 24-hour news coverage and fundamentally altering how the world accesses and engages with news. The launch represented a pivotal moment in media history, ushering in a continuous flow of live reporting and breaking news updates that captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

Ted Turner Biography

Name Ted Turner
D.O.B 19 November 1938
Age 85 years old 
Mother Florence Rooney Turner
Father Robert Edward Turner
Siblings  Marriott “Polly” Turner Pope
Hometown Houston, Texas, United States 
Profession Businessman, Investor, Philanthropist
Founder CNN, TNT, TBS
Headquarters  Atlanta, Georgia, United States 
Nationality  American

Physical Appearance

Eye Colour  Green 
Skin Colour Fair
Hair Colour White 
Height 6’1” Inches 
Weight 83 Kg 

Family & Marital Status 

Mother Florence Rooney Turner
Father Robert Edward Turner
Siblings  Marriott “Polly” Turner Pope
Marital Status  Divorced
Wife Julia Gale Nye (1960 to 1964)

Jane Shirley Smith (1965 to 1988)

Jene Fonda (1991 to 2001)

Child Laura Lee Turner Seydel, Robert Edward Turner IV, Rhett Turner, Beau Turner, Jennie Turner Garlington

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Ted Turner Personal and Professional Life

Ted Turner attended The McCallie School, a private boys’ preparatory school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Later, at Brown University, he held the position of vice president in the Brown Debating Union and led the sailing team as captain. Turner became a member of Kappa Sigma during his Brown University days. Although he initially pursued a major in classics, his father strongly disapproved, expressing that it left him “appalled, even horrified,” almost causing a feeling of sickness.

Professional Life – Ted Turner’s professional journey was filled with bold ventures and groundbreaking decisions. Starting at his father’s billboard company, he learned the advertising ropes. Turner transformed a struggling radio station into a profitable venture with a focus on country music and innovative marketing. 

Turner’s acquisition of a failing UHF station became the “Superstation,” revolutionizing cable broadcasting. Founding the world’s first 24-hour news channel in 1980 disrupted traditional formats, and his major cable network for movies solidified his dominance in the media landscape.

Ted Turner Net Worth

Ted Turner’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.6 billion. Ted Turner’s wealth is primarily derived from his stake in Time Warner, a substantial source of income. However, the value of this stake saw a significant decline during the market crash of 2008. Additionally, expensive divorces, particularly with Jane Fonda in 2001, have had an impact on his net worth. 

Net Worth $2.6 Billion USD
Source of Income CNN, TNT, TBS company, Stock Investment, etc
Salary  – – 

Ted Turner Awards 

Ted Turner’s remarkable career, known for daring ventures and unmatched innovation, has earned him a collection of prestigious awards and achievements.

  • Peabody Awards
  • Emmy Awards
  • Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame
  • National Business Hall of Fame
  • Bower Award for Business Leadership
  • Time Person of the Year (1991)
  • Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal for Humanitarianism
  • Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Medal
  • United Nations Foundation Chairman


We’ve shared detailed information about CNN founder Ted Turner. If this article has improved your understanding of CNN and its founder, please share it with your loved ones. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Ted Turner, feel free to leave a comment.


Who was Ted Turner?

Ted Turner is the founder of CNN, TNT, And TBS. 

Was Ted Turner Married?

Yes, Ted Turner was Divorced multiple times. 

Who is the Wife of Ted Turner?

Ted Turner’s wife’s name is Julia Gale Nye (1960 to 1964), Jane Shirley Smith (1965 to 1988), and Jene Fonda (1991 to 2001).

What was the Net Worth of Ted Turner?

Ted Turner’s net worth was $2.6 Billion.

What was the age of Ted Turner?

Ted Turner’s age was 85 years old. 


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