Richard Heart Net Worth 2023 : (HEX Founder) Age, Wife, House and more


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Richard Heart Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Personal Life, and more. Know full details about Richard.

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Here, we will discuss about Richard, including Richard Heart Net Worth, age, biography, career, and everything we need to know about him.

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Richard Heart Biography

Richard Heart Net Worth

Richard Heart, born on October 9, 1979, is a well-known figure in the world of cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship. He is the founder of and Pulse chain, two significant projects in the blockchain industry. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Richard has made a name for himself by leveraging his expertise in the crypto space. One notable achievement of Richard Heart is his role in raising over $27 million for medical resources through his organization, Pulse Chain.

Heart has obtained popularity for giving his precious advice to his followers and viewers and by helping them from online fraud or various scams for the most part in crypto industry. Heart is also a renowned keynote narrator and also he is seen on various interesting and knowledgeable podcasts and video interviews that were published in youtube channels. He is mostly sharing his views on cryptocurrecy, marketing, best business ideas and finance.

Heart has been featured in various channels and T.V shows like Valuetainment Money , Ivan Tech , Financial safari , Justin Walker and several medias like Kitcho, Buisness Insider, CNBC, Economic times, CoinTelegraph, Forbes,etc. and many more.

Name Richard Heart
Date Of Birth 9 October 1979
Age43 Years
AutonomyUnited States
Net worth $500 Million (approx.)
Height5’7 feet, 170.18 cm+ (approx.)
Weight 75kg, 165 Ibs (approx)

Richard Schooling and Early life

Richard Heart is very curious from childhood. He started reading books very well in the age of 3. heart was quite different from the rest of the kids because most kids his age like to play, while his focus was more on studies. After studying two days in elementary school he was roped out and enrolled in a new school for his intelligence and of learning things faster.

Heart enrolled in a very premium middle school program which was organised by an MIT alumnus in Davie, Florida called MEGSSS (Maths Education for Gifted Secondary School Students). During his learning stage he have learned so many things. He learned, syllogistic inference, modus ponens, modus tollens, and many more advance things. In MEGSSS heart has also been taught Scheme Progamming language, which is the most strongest and powerful programming language in the world.

Richard Employment Details

Richard Heart began his profession early on when he laid out an at-home vehicle sound system business. The early launch permitted Heart to investigate more business ideas, which brought about him beginning a shopping basket stage, and forced air system business to give some examples. For a concise period, he likewise finished a work as a paper sales rep, which was an opportunity for growth for him. Richard was so happy and move to found new ideas.

Afterward, Richard Heart likewise settled a home loan organization, leading compensation per-click the executives (PPC), and dealing with site improvement (Website optimization). This was perhaps of the best organization that he ran. Under the authority of Heart, his organization created gains of $60 million every year.

Subsequent to resigning, Heart ran over Bitcoin by means of Reddit and other social media which spurred him to share his mastery bringing about the groundwork of Hex, the first blockchain indication of store. Since its beginning, Hex has earned respect for adapting the time worth of cash in an exceptional manner that is client driven and destroys the need of a center party.

Then Afterward Richard following his humanitarian thoughts, established PulseChain, an organization that targets fund-raising to help clinical exploration. Since its commencement, PulseChain has been medical exploration association and has even raised $27 million for them.

Richard Personal Life

As he grown up, as usually he also get involved in some part of controversies related to his brand new start up Hex, which has been later resolved by his brilliant mind. Talking about Richard Heart wife name, we have not data about his wife.

Richard Life history

Aside from that, Richard is the writer of the book sciVive, which was distributed in 2018 as a self-improvement book. He is likewise an eminent featured subject matter expert and YouTuber known for sharing his skill on industry-related points and assisting individuals with settling on informed choices .

Richard Heart Age

Richard Heart’s age is currently 43 years. He was born on October 9, 1979, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Richard Heart Net Worth

Richard Heart Net Worth
Image credit – Instagram

Richard Heart is spending a luxurious life. He has the fastest Ferrari in the world which is worth $3 million. In this way, Heart is very fond of cars and he is also very fond of expensive watches. That’s Why He Owns The Most Expensive Rolex Ever Made That’s Worth $10 Million.

Entrepreneur and crypto expert Richard Heart net worth is estimated of $500 million. Richard is a highly recognized personality in the cryptocurrency industry, renowned for his substantial contributions through successful entrepreneurial ventures. His profound impact and expertise have solidified Richard Heart’s prominent position within the crypto community.

Heart belongs to a middle class family but he has achieved all this through his hard work. That’s why their net worth is increasing with time due to which they are able to fulfill their dreams.


That’s all in this article, we have tried to know better about Heart in this blog. and the complete details about them have been told very well. If you want some more details about them, then you can ask by commenting. We will try our best to give a valuable reply to your comments.

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How did Richard Heart get rich?

Richard Heart has earned so much money because of his hard work. He developed cryptocurrency from which he created a lot of wealth.

When was Richard Heart born?

Richard Heart was born in 9 October,1979 in Pittisburgh, Pennsylvania.

What is Richard Heart real name?

Richard Schueler is the real name of Richard Heart.

Who is Richard Heart wife?


How much is the net worth of Richard Heart?

Richard Heart net worth as of now, in 2022 is thought to be more than $500 Million.

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