[2023] Kit Lender Net Worth – What Happened to Kit Lender after Shark Tank?


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Kit Lender Net Worth 2023: In this article you will get to know about Kit Lender Net Worth, Founder’s, Shark Pitch and some details about the company. Kit Lander, which is a company that had pitched on Shark Tank, what happened to that company today we will know in this article.

Forrest Shinners, the founder of Kit Lender, entered the spotlight when he pitched his outdoors gear rental company on Season 11 Episode 9 of Shark Tank. Despite not securing a deal, Kit Lender’s story didn’t end there. In this post, we’ll dive into what has happened to Kit Lender since the show, their current status, and annual revenue.

Kit Lender

Kit Lender Net Worth 2023 – What Happened to Kit Lender after Shark Tank?

Kit Lender is a leading outdoors gear rental company founded by Forrest Shinners. With a focus on making winter sports and outdoor activities more accessible, Kit Lender offers a wide range of rental options, including ski and snowboard apparel. The company’s user-friendly platform and commitment to affordability have made it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, revolutionizing the way people approach gear acquisition.

Kit Lender Details

Company Kit Lender
FounderForrest Shinners
BusinessSki And Snowboard Rental Clothes – Jacket, Pants, Goggles, And Gloves
Kit Lender Shark Tank Episode Season 11
Episode 9
Asked For $200,000 For 7% Equity
Offer accepted on Shark Tank No
Net Worth $3 Million approx.

Kit Lender Founder

Kit Lender Founder
Credit – Instagram

Forrest Shinners is the founder of Kit Lender, the pioneering outdoors gear rental company. With his entrepreneurial vision and passion for winter sports, Shinners identified the need for accessible and affordable way for enthusiasts to enjoy outdoor activities without the burden of owning expensive gear.

He brought his idea by establishing Kit Lender, which has grown to become a trusted platform for renting ski and snowboard apparel. Through his leadership and dedication, Shinners has successfully positioned Kit Lender as a game-changer in the sharing economy and a go-to destination for winter sports gear rentals

What happened to Kit Lender after Shark Tank?

After Kit Lender’s appearance on Shark Tank, where founder Forrest Shinners sought a $200,000 investment for 7% equity in the business, the company continued to thrive. Although they did not secure a deal on the show, Kit Lender experienced significant growth and expansion. Forrest Shinners left his day job at a New York investment firm to focus full-time on Kit Lender.

The company expanded its reach, shipping rental items to all 50 states in the USA and adding camping and hiking gear to their inventory. With an annual revenue of approximately $1 million, Kit Lender has established itself as a successful player in the outdoors gear rental industry.

You can watch the pitch of Forrest Shinners (founder of Kit Lender), here you will get some idea about the company.

Kit Lender Net Worth

It is mentioned that Kit Lender Net Worth is around $3 Million and their annual revenue of around $1 million. While revenue provides an indication of the company’s financial performance, it doesn’t provide a direct measure of net worth, which considers factors like assets, liabilities, and investments.

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While the specific net worth of Kit Lender remains undisclosed, the company’s strong revenue and continued growth indicate its success in the outdoors gear rental industry.

With a commitment to accessibility and customer satisfaction, Kit Lender has revolutionized the way outdoor enthusiasts access and enjoy gear for their adventures. As Kit Lender expands its offerings and reaches new customers, its net worth is expected to reflect its position as a thriving player in the market.


Who is the founder of Kit Lender?

Forrest Shinners is the founder of Kit Lender.

How much was seeking by Kit Lender in Shark Tank?

Kit Lender seeking for $200,000 for 7% Equity in Shark Tank.

Did Kit Lender have the deal?

No, Kit Lender have no deal.

Where is Kit Lender located?

Kit Lender is located in Burlington city in the U.S. state of Vermont.

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