Coffee Day Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030


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Are you looking for Coffee Day Share Price Target? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Coffee day is a penny stocks which has the market capitalisation of less then Rs 5000 crores. And the investors are predicting that, this stock can reach upto Rs 50 by 2025. So, all this things we are going to analysis in this article. Along with this, we will try to predict the share price target of Coffee Day.

According to the fundamentals of the company, the Coffee Day Share Price Target for the year 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030 will be ₹40, ₹51, ₹70 and ₹160 respectively. The share price can be more fluctuating in long term so better knowledge of this stock will be very helpful. So read this article till the end, let’s get started –

About Coffee Day Enterprises

Coffee Day Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Coffee Day Enterprises Limited (CDEL) is the parent company of the popular Indian coffeehouse chain, Café Coffee Day. CDEL was founded in 1993 by V. G. Siddhartha and is headquartered in Bengaluru, India.

CDEL also operates in other businesses such as the sale of coffee, tea, and related products under the brand name “Coffee Day” and the owning and operating in resorts and hotels.

Coffee Day Enterprises has had financial difficulties in the past few years. The company faced a crisis in 2019 when its founder, V. G. Siddhartha, died. The company has also struggled with debt and its share price has gone down a lot. This has been a worst time for the company, and the management are unclear how it will deal with these problems in the future.

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Coffee Day Financial Trends

Coffee Day Financial Trends

Let’s talk about the revenue and profit of Coffee Day Enterprises –

Its revenue in 2019 has been ₹3,569 crore and profit is ₹128 crore. There was a revenue of ₹2,552 crore in 2020 and a profit of ₹1,884 crore. In the same 2021, there was a profit of ₹-584 crore with a revenue of ₹853 crore. And this year i.e. in 2022 there has been a profit of ₹-121 crores with a revenue of ₹582 crores.

Coffee Day Share Price Target table list

YearMinimum Price Maximum Price

Coffee Day Share Price Target 2023

The stock of this company has given returns of -25% in the last years, same it has given negative returns of -35% in the last 6 months. If we look at its returns so far, it is -87% as of May 2023. So the company is giving very bad returns so Coffee Day Share Price Target 2023 will be ₹38 and maximum price can be ₹40. There is also a lot of probability that you can also see negative returns in this stock.

Coffee Day Share Price Target 2024

If you look at the fundamentals of the company, it is slowly becoming more bad. The ROE of the stock is -3.30% and its EPS is -17 which is very bad. But a good thing about the company is that it is trading at less than its book value. Considering this, Coffee Day Share Price Target 2024 will be ₹47 and maximum price can be ₹51.

Coffee Day Share Price Target 2025

If you look at the financials of the company, then it is quite a week. It made a good profit in 2019 and 2020, but after that it has made a lot of loss. In 2021 the company incurred a loss of ₹-584 crore while in 2022 the loss was ₹-121 crore. The company has seen huge decline in its revenue also. Keeping this in mind, the Coffee Day Share Price Target 2025 will be ₹65 and the maximum price can be ₹70. But if it has a similar loss in the coming quarters as well, then the company’s stock may see a significant decline.

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Coffee Day Share Price Target 2030

Talking about the debt of the company, its debt to equity ratio is 0.52, which is high. Where the Coffee Day company has a debt of over ₹1,875 crore, which is easily repayable. So talking about the Coffee Day Share Price Target 2030 can be ₹140 and maximum price can be ₹160. So due to its poor financial and fundamentals, we can guess that it is very difficult to see good growth in this stock.

For more details about the share of Coffee Day, you can watch this video –

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There is a lot of chance for the share of this sector to grow. Coffee Day is a stock with some bad fundamentals, on which many people are not sure that it will give good returns it future.

Whatever it is, if you invest in any stock, then you need to take the advice of an expert and do some basic research on the company itself, so that you can be more sure about the stock. I hope you got to learn a lot by reading this article. If possible then share it as much as possible so that more people know about it.


Is Coffee Day a debt free?

No, the company Coffee Day is not a debt free company the debt to equity ratio is 0.52 and the debt is ₹1,875 crore.

Will Coffee Day share go up?

The probability that the Coffee Day share will go up is quite low. Because the fundamentals and financial of the company is very weak. The company will have to perform very well in the coming years to increase its chances of giving better returns.

Why share price of Coffee Day falling?

The biggest reason of this stock is the fundamentals and financial trends are weak. The company is incurring loss from past 2 years which is not considered good.

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DISCLAIMER – Stock Market Investment are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.


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