MMTC Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 – Stock Analysis


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MMTC Share Price Target (2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030) | MMTC Ltd Fundamentals, Financial, Businesses and more.

Are you looking for MMTC Share Price Target or MMTC share analysis? If yes, than you are at the right place.

Investing money in shares is a bit risky, but if you have proper knowledge of the share than you can minimise the risk of loss and obviously increases the chances of profit.

Just because this, we are going to know about MMTC Share Price Target, in which we will also Analysis the stock. Due to this, you can decide yourself that whether MMTC share is good for investment or not. So stay tuned till the end, let’s dive into the post.

About MMTC

MMTC Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

MMTC that is Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India is public sector company which was established in the year 1963 under Ministry of Commerce and Industry by Government of India. This public sector enterprise is engaged in the business of export, import and domestic trading different type of minerals, metals, precious stones etc.

MMTC plays an important role in facilitating Bharat international trade in minerals and metals and contributing significantly to the country’s economic growth. MMTC is engaged in the import of essential commodities like gold, silver, and crude oil, ensuring a steady supply for domestic consumption.

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MMTC Fundamentals

Market Cap₹5,003 Cr
P/E ratio3.20
Dividend Yield0.50%
Book Value 9.41
Debt₹203 Cr
Debt To Equity 0.14

MMTC Financial Trends

If we talk about the Revenue and Profit of MMTC Company then –

Its revenue in 2019 has been ₹ 29,440 Cr and profit is ₹ 109 Cr. There was a revenue of ₹ 26,305 Cr in 2020 and a profit of ₹ -292 Cr. In the same 2021, there was a profit of ₹ -789 crore with a revenue of ₹ 30,001 Cr. And this year i.e. in 2022 there has been a profit of ₹ -262 Cr with a revenue of ₹ 11,796 Cr.

MMTC Share Price Target Table

YearHighest PriceAverage PriceLowest Price
MMTC Share Price Target 2023₹36.96₹35.64₹34.32
MMTC Share Price Target 2024₹41.40₹38.49₹35.69
MMTC Share Price Target 2025₹46.36₹41.57₹37.12
MMTC Share Price Target 2026₹51.93₹44.90₹38.61
MMTC Share Price Target 2027₹58.16₹48.49₹40.15
MMTC Share Price Target 2028₹65.14₹52.37₹41.76
MMTC Share Price Target 2029₹72.95₹56.56₹43.43
MMTC Share Price Target 2030₹81.71₹61.08₹45.16
Based on MMTC Share past performance/historical data, so think before investing

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MMTC Share Price Target 2023

This mid cap stocks shows huge decline a year. In last 1 year, the share has given a returns of -10% but In last 6 months, it grows a little and given a returns of 5%. Considering this, experts are speculating that average MMTC Share Price Target 2023 can be INR 35.64 while its highest and lowest price will be INR 36.96 and INR 34.32.

MMTC Share Price Target 2024

As we can see, the fundamentals of MMTC is commendable. The P/E ratio is 3.20, which means you have to pay 3.20 rupees to get a returns of 1 rupees. Same the ROE is 247% and EPS is 10.42, which is very good. From its fundamentals, it is being concluding that the average MMTC Share Price Target 2024 can be INR 38.49 while the highest price and lowest price can go upto INR 41.40 and INR 35.69 respectively.

MMTC Share Price Target 2025

Its fundamentals are good but its financials are not good at all, the company is incurring loss every year. Even in 2022, MMTC has a loss of INR 262 crore but it is much lower than in 2020 loss which is INR -789 crore. So, it is speculated that In 2023, MMTC can made almost good profit. And according to historical data, the average MMTC Share Price Target 2025 will be INR 41.57 while lowest price can be INR 37.12 and highest price INR 46.36.

MMTC Share Price Target 2030

For long term investment, MMTC stock is a bit risky but also the chances of good profit. If the company improves it financial than definitely it will give good returns in future.

According to past performance of stock and its historical data, it is estimated that MMTC Share Price Target 2030 will be INR 61.08 but if there is any loss to company then lowest price will be INR 45.16, and in the bull market it may show the highest price of INR 81.71.

For more details about MMTC Share Price Target, you can watch this video for detail review –

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The Trading industries are growing rapidly, which means companies which is related to this sector have good potential for future profits. If you’re thinking of investing in MMTC shares, keep in mind that the company’s financials may not be great right now, but they are improving slowly.

So, it’s better to consider this investment for the long term instead of expecting quick profit. But before investing at any price, make sure to analyze the stocks yourself or consult a financial advisor befor making any investment decisions.


Is MMTC Debt free company?

No, the company “MMTC” has a huge debt of ₹203 crore and its debt to equity ratio is 0.14.

When is it right to invest in MMTC share?

Whenever you get undervalued shares of MMTC or if there is a slight decline in the stock, then you can invest in it, Or you can invest small amount every month in this stock.

What will be the share price of MMTC in 2030?

The share price of MMTC in 2030 will be ₹45.16 – ₹81.71, according to its historical data.

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DISCLAIMER – Stock Market Investment are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing


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