M Stock Review India : Benefits, Brokerage, Demat A/C, Trading Platform | An Honest Review 2023


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M Stock Review by the users of this platform | Know about the Benefits, Brokerage, Charges, Demat A/C, Trading Platform and more about m.stock.

Looking to invest in the stock market? M Stock is a new player offering “Zero Brokerage for Lifetime” and fast, stable, and simple UI app and web Platform. Read our comprehensive M Stock review to know more about their demat account, brokerage charges, trading platforms, products, and other Services.

Hey friends, I am Sachin Poddar and in this article we will going to know about M Stock Review, but before these we will know about the company called”Mirae Asset”.

The brand Mirae Asset is a global financial company that has lot of influence or we can say that it’s a Global Financial Powerhouse and the number one stockbroker in South Korea and Indonesia. They are now introducing their “Zero Brokerage for Life” proposition with their m.Stock platform in India, leveraging their expertise in managing assets worth nearly USD 700 Billion across 15 global markets for over 19 years. From here we can conclude that how trustworthy the Mirae Asset company is.

M Stock Review

M Stock Review India
M Stock Review India

M Stock Review – m.Stock is designed to be a user-friendly and technologically advanced trading & investing platform. The platform offers a “Zero Brokerage for Life” proposition, which could be attractive to investors who are looking to save on trading fees in the long run. Additionally, the platforms are designed to be superfast, simple, stable, and intuitive, keeping customer ease and interest at its heart.

Mirae Asset is a well-known brand in the financial industry as we already discussed, with expertise in managing assets across 15 global markets for over 19 years. This suggests that the platform is likely to offer a reliable and trustworthy trading experience. The platforms also provide various research and analysis tools to assist investors in making informed investment decisions, which is good.

Vineeta Agarwal Says – “Mstock’s ZERO brokerage service costs 2600 rupees, but their poor server maintenance leads to repeated unresponsiveness from customer care and call and trade numbers. Mstock needs to prioritize server maintenance to minimize disruptions for clients.

Rahul Bhattacharya Says – “mSTOCK has limitations including a malfunctioning app with frequent crashes and logging out, inaccurate chart updates, and the inability to withdraw funds within a single day. Improvements are needed for a better user experience.

Manish Kumar Says – “M Stock is backed by Mirae Asset, a South Korean company operating in India since 2006. Their zero brokerage plan is beneficial for frequent traders, with a one-time fee of Rs 999 for lifetime relief from brokerage. However, government and SEBI charges still apply. To assess savings, a brokerage calculator can be used.” – M Stock Review

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M Stock features and benefits

  • Margin Trading Facility (eMargin): The platform offers up to 80% funding under Margin Trading Facility (eMargin) at the lowest rates of 7.99%, allowing investors to trade with more leverage.
  • Direct Mutual Fund Plans: The platform offers direct mutual fund plans that help investors maximize their ROI by eliminating intermediary commissions.
  • Currency and Commodity Trading: m.Stock provides free access to the highly liquid currency markets, as well as commodity market trading to help investors diversify against their equity positions.
  • Intuitive Interface with Unique Features: The platform provides an intuitive interface with unique features such as the ability to create up to 7 watchlists with 50 stocks each, pre-created 1-click index baskets, and advanced order placement options.
  • Info-Rich Screens: m.Stock offers a single view screen for complete portfolio management, a carefully crafted “Home Screen” with real-time updates, and a live portfolio tracker with smart actions.
  • Super-Fast Orders: The platform provides 1-click order placement across products, quick voice search for stocks, and a voice assistant, MIRA, at the user’s disposal.
  • Fundamental Data & Technical Charts: m.Stock offers smart calculators to facilitate quick and easy buy/sell/hold decisions, trading charts with buy/sell features, and fundamental analysis and real-time technical data to help investors make informed trading decisions.

M Stock Offering

  • Equities
  • Futures & Options
  • MTF (eMargin)
  • IPOs
  • Currency Trading
  • Commodity Trading
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Mutual Funds (upcoming)
  • Index Baskets

M Stock Pricing

M Stock Pricing
Source – thebeststockbroker (M Stock Review India)
  • Zero Brokerage: With a one-time fee of ₹999, m.Stock customers enjoy zero brokerage for life, across all products. No restrictions. No conditions.
  • Demat Charges: m.Stock customers also have the option to pay an additional one-time fee of ₹999 and waive off Demat charges for life. Alternatively, m.Stock offers a no-frills option with an account opening fee of ₹149 and a quarterly Demat AMC plan of ₹120, where brokerage is charged at a flat ₹20 per order.

M Stock User Experience

User experience is an essential factor for any platform, including M Stock. The way the platform performs, its reliability, and its ease of use all contribute significantly to how satisfied users feel. If the platform has issues such as app crashes, inaccurate chart updates, and restrictions on fund withdrawals like M Stock User Experience, it is negatively affect user experience.

Therefore, it is crucial for M Stock to continually work on improving its platform and addressing any limitations to provide a better user experience for its customers. By doing so, they can attract and retain more users, leading to long-term success. Ultimately, prioritizing user experience is essential for any platform to thrive.

M Stock Pros and cons


  • Zero brokerage plan for life, which can save regular traders a considerable amount of money on transaction fees
  • Access to various markets, including currency and commodity, as well as direct mutual fund plans
  • Intuitive interface that makes it easy to use for both novice and experienced investors
  • Backed by Mirae Asset, a well-established financial services company with a good track record in India and abroad


  • Concerns regarding server maintenance and customer care, with reports of frequent app crashes and difficulty reaching customer care and call and trade numbers
  • Other government and SEBI imposed charges still apply, including STT/CTT, transaction charges, GST, SEBI charges, stamp duty, and other charges
  • The zero brokerage plan may not be cost-effective for investors who make fewer transactions or hold small portfolios
  • Limited research and analysis tools compared to some other brokers in the market

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M Stock Charges

ChargesEquity Delivery Equity IntradayOptions Future Options
Call & Trade Charges ZeroZeroZeroZero
STT/CTT0.1% on buy & sell0.025% on the sell side0.05% on sell side (on premium)0.01% on sell side
Transaction Charges NSE: 0.00345% BSE: 0.00345%NSE: 0.00345% BSE: 0.00345%NSE: 0.053% (on premium)NSE: 0.002%
GST18% on (brokerage + transaction charges)18% on (brokerage + transaction charges)18% on (brokerage + transaction charges)18% on (brokerage + transaction charges)
SEBI Charges ₹10 / crore + GST₹10 / crore + GST₹10 / crore + GST₹10 / crore + GST
Stamp Charges 0.003% or ₹300 / crore on buy side0.003% or ₹300 / crore on buy side0.003% or ₹300 / crore on buy side0.002% or ₹200 / crore on buy side
M Stock Review

M Stock Customer service

The quality of M Stock customer service is crucial to ensuring that users have a positive experience with M Stock. Unfortunately, the platform has faced some issues with customer service, including long wait times and unresponsiveness. Users have reported difficulty reaching customer care and call and trade numbers, causing frustration and inconvenience.

M Stock needs to focus on improving customer service to provide users with a better experience and build a positive reputation. By prioritizing customer service, M Stock can meet the needs of its users, continue to grow and succeed in the competitive financial services market.

For more details about the M stock, watch this video –

M Stock Review


(M Stock Review India) m.Stock by Mirae Asset offers an innovative concept of zero brokerage for life which is attractive for investors who trade on daily basis. The platform’s zero brokerage plan is particularly beneficial for those who trade regularly and can help save a considerable amount of money.

However, some concerns regarding server maintenance and customer care have been reported. The platform M Stock, has faced issues with frequent app crashes, frequent logouts, and difficulty in reaching customer care and call. These issues can cause inconvenience and frustration for users. Overall, while there may be some room for improvement, m.Stock’s pricing and technology have the potential to redefine the Indian broking space and provide clients with a powerful platform for their investment needs, which will be gam changer.

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Is M Stock safe?

As a brokerage service provided by Mirae Asset, a global financial powerhouse with over 19 years of experience in the capital market, m.Stock can be considered a safe and reliable option for trading in the Indian stock market.

What is the disadvantage of the M Stock?

m.Stock’s zero brokerage proposition may not be sustainable in the long term. While it may be attractive to traders in the short term.

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