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The ITI full form is Industrial training institute. The specific institution in India offered short courses for students. In this institute, they offered engineering and technical courses for students in India.  It is for those students who do not have much investment in doing their studies. 

The head of the industrial training institute is the Directorate General for entrepreneur training. The main part of this institution is that school students easily apply for it. Because it develops a sense in students to do practical work. ITI full form in telugu is తెలుగులో పూర్తి రూపం |

In this article, we will talk about the ITI eligibility criteria, ITI courses, ITI exam pattern, ITI course salaries, ITI benefits, iti full form telugu.


What is ITI?

ITI full form in Hindi is औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण संस्थान Audyogik Prashikshan Sansthan. This institution is present in both government and private sectors. The main part of this institution is to provide skills to its students.  Many university students apply to this institution in the summer for a better future. This is the top technical institution that offers many courses to students for their better development. 

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for industrial training trade depends upon the course that students want to do. Every course has different criteria depending upon their state. In this institution, both the 10th and 8th-class students are eligible to apply for it. The students of the 8th class learn traditional skills like carpenter and electrician. The age limit for students is between 14 and 40. 

 Process OF ITI:

The selection process of this institute is different from other institutions. The first is to fill out the application for the courses. The candidate filled out the application physically and online. Then, the institute verifies your documents like your identity card, nationality, and result card for grades 10 and 8. The students who have properly verified documents are eligible for their entrance exams. Then the merit list is based on your 10 class marks, your application, and your test marks.

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Exam Pattern OF ITI:

The entrance exam pattern of industrial training institutes is different from others. It has two parts. The first test is the practical test. It includes checking students to handle the workplace tools. The second test is computer-based. There are a total of 75 mcqs-based questions. 

The total marks of these MCQs are 150. They take tests about theory, workshop calculations, and tools. It is also available in iti full form pdf . The duration of the long course is 6 months. The duration of the short course is 3 months.

Courses OF ITI:

The Industrial Training Institute developed many skills in their students with time. Many students specialize in their courses for better education. The first type is engineering courses. Mechanical engineering is related to motor vehicles. Electrical engineering related to computer hardware and software. Civil engineering is related to the building structure. 

The second type is non-engineering courses. These courses have many technical and soft skills. Information technology is related to computer programming. Fashion technology is related to dress design. Office management is related to office work.

Salaries of ITI Courses:

The salaries of industrial training institute engineering courses are different from non-engineering courses. Engineering courses’ salaries are higher than non-engineering courses. Engineering courses have salary ranges from 25000 to 45000 per month. Non-engineering courses have salary ranges from 15500 to 35000 per month. 

Benefits of ITI:

The Industrial Technology Institute has many benefits. They developed a skill in their students and increased the employment rate in the market. It helps the students to understand the industrial environment. They develop teamwork and leadership skills in their students. It has a vast range of courses for every age group. 

They improve the confidence and communication skills of the students. It faces many challenges in India. Because India has a large market sector. It faces many difficulties in its economic growth. The marketplace of India is very vast, and it has many opportunities for beginners.


Some students don’t like to do short courses.  Because they assumed that there is no market value of short courses in India. Students like to study in universities. Because they taught university degrees are very beneficial for students for career growth. The teacher doesn’t teach the students about the practical work in short courses. 


Is ITI for all countries?

Only for Indians.

Is ITI a private-sector institute?


What is ITI full form?

The ITI full form is Industrial training institute.

What is ITI full form in Hindi?

ITI full form in Hindi is औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण संस्थान Audyogik Prashikshan Sansthan.

What is ITI full form in Telugo? 

ITI full form in telugu is తెలుగులో పూర్తి రూపం |





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