Hey friends, I am Sachin Poddar owner of this blog wasteorinvest.com. Currently I am living in Jharkhand, India. I specialize in analyzing and interpreting financial data to help businesses and investors make informed decisions about the stock market. I have a strong background in finance and a passion for understanding the underlying trends and forces that drive market movements. I enjoy working with clients to develop customized strategies that align with their goals and risk tolerances

I am a stock market and financial enthusiast with the passion for writing and sharing information for the people, which helps you to generate wealth. I have a passion for writing since childhood, so I thought of creating this blog. In this blog, I write articles related to share market because I have expertise in it.

Sachin Poddar
Sachin Poddar (Author)

I am not a professional trader or investor, Only I have knowledge in this field so I started sharing it through this blog.

In this blog i.e. at Wasteorinvest.com, we provide you articles related to finance and stock market in English. Along with this I have a hindi blog that pourit.in, in which we are publishing hindi blog related to finance and share market. We want to spread the knowledge of finance and share market to the people all over the world through good articles. So that the future of people’s children is full of knowledge so that they can understand the importance of money.

So our main objective is that through our blog, good articles reach the people, which will motivate them to read more articles related to finance.

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Our Aim

Our aim is to impress people in every home i.e. all over the world with the knowledge of finance and share market so that they can make their future bright. By reading a topic related to finance and share market, you can influence your mind to think about it.

If you have any problem with any of our topic, you can email us, we will take immediate action on it.

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