Buy or Sell: Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030


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Aarti Industries Share Price Target (2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030), Aarti Industries Businesses, Financial Trends, Fundamentals and more.

Hey friends, in this blog we are going to talk about Aarti Industries Limited which is related to Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. We and our team have tried very hard to collect details about it. So if you like this article, then go to the top left side and give 5 stars rating.

It is a large cap stock in which the risk of loss is slightly less as compared to mid cap and small cap stocks. Investors say that in future this stock can give much better returns than bank interest and maybe even double your money in a few years. So now we will try to understand this company a little, after that we will try to predict Aarti Industries Share Price Target after taking a look at the financials and fundamentals.

About Aarti Industries

Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Aarti Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer of chemicals and pharmaceuticals in India. Aarti Industries was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Mumbai. It has manufacturing facilities in India, the United States, and Europe, and serves customers in more than 100 countries.

Aarti Industries‘ product portfolio includes a range of specialty chemicals, intermediates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Some of the company’s key products include phenol, acetone, and cyclohexanone. It also manufactures APIs for a variety of therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, central nervous system, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Aarti Industries Financial Trends

If we talk about the Revenue and Profit of Aarti Industries Company then –

Its revenue in 2019 has been ₹ 492 Cr and profit is ₹ 4,168 Cr. There was a revenue of ₹ 4,186 Cr in 2020 and a profit of ₹ 536 Cr. In the same 2021, there was a profit of ₹ 523 crore with a revenue of ₹ 4,506 Cr. And this year i.e. in 2022 there has been a tremendous profit of ₹ 1,307 Cr with a revenue of ₹ 7000 Cr.

Aarti Industries Share Price Target Table list

Target YearFirst Target Second Tatget
Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2023₹650₹680
Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2024₹810₹840
Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2025₹1030₹1080
Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2026₹1290₹1350
Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2027₹1600₹1670
Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2028₹1860₹1960
Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2029₹2150₹2300
Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2030₹2700₹3000
Predicted Price (by chart reading) Not Accurate

Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2023

Aarti Industries has given negative returns of 40% in last one year and negative returns of 12% in last 6 months. The company’s stock has been continuously falling since October 2021 and will continue to fall further. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to predict the target price of the stock because if you invest, you can also get negative returns. If we talk about Aarti Industries share price target 2023, then we can see the first target of INR650 and another target can be seen of INR680.

Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2024

The company is gradually expanding its business in the global market on the basis of its strong products. However, if you see now, only 40 percent of Aarti Industries revenue comes from the global market. The company is trying its best to enter the market of different countries to expand its business rapidly and continuously increase its client base. So, Aarti Industries Share Price Target for 2024 can be INR810 and second target of INR840. But if the company does not make profit, we may see a huge fall in the share price.

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Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2025

The company’s revenue and net worth have also increased very fast in 2022 which is good. Compared to 2021, this company has made the highest profit of 1307 crores in 2022. If the company’s profit continues to grow like this, we will see Aarti Industries share price target 2025 of INR 1030. And the maximum price that we can expect to see is INR 1080.

Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2030

Debt is a good matrix of any company to know about its future. So the debt on this company is much less than its equity of 0.59 and it has a debt of 2767 crores. Aarti Industries has a P/E ratio of 18, ROE of 27.8% and EPS of 33.8 which is considered good. Keeping this in mind, if we try to arrive at Aarti Industries share price target 2030, the first and second price targets can be INR 2700 and INR 3000.

Is it good time to invest in Aarti Industries?

Yes, according to me, it looks like its a right time for buying Aarti Industries share, According to past Bank news, updates, performance this share has done very well, so in future you can expect same. Don’t buy this share if you are looking for quick money. This share perform very well in long run, So Aarti Industries share is an Long term investment share. Do not take my opinion as an advice, do your own research once before investing.

For more details about the share of Aarti Industries Limited watch this video –

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We have tried to give you complete and detailed information about the Aarti Industries Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 in this article. Reading the above article will help you make a good decision about Aarti Industries Limited.

So friends, if you are investing in stocks only after seeing the share price target, then do not do this. Because there are many reasons behind the rise and fall of the Stock price. If you have any queries, please ask in the comment box we will try to solve your issue by providing a better solution.


Is Aarti Industries a debt free company?

No, Aarti Industries is not a debt free company. Currently this company has a debt of ₹2767 crore and its debt to equity ratio is 0.59.

What will be the share price of Aarti Industries in 2025?

After doing lots of analysis about this stocks. share price of Aarti Industries in 2025 can be around 2700 – 3000 rupees.

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DISCLAIMER – Stock Market Investment are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.


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